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Diana is a Georgia native from the small town of Jefferson and now lives in Atlanta suburb Lakewood Heights, where she now spends her free time gardening or writing about it. Another of Diana’s passions is raising Monarch butterflies. To date, Diana has raised and released over 40 Monarch butterflies and plans to raise more every spring and fall. While not internationally known, Diana has already created quite a name for herself both locally and online. She’s referred to by names such as Garden Guru, Flower Lady, Butterfly Queen, and her favorite, Little Caterpillar. She has helped to spearhead programs including South Bend Park Community Garden. Her online friends depend on her gardening expertise. After starting this blog two years ago and with encouragement from friends and family, Diana is now working on other writing endeavors. She still writes her blog, but will soon start writing gardening blogs for a local publication. Diana is also writing a book that she hopes will be published sometime before she dies. Gardening is Diana’s peace of mind, her solace from the stresses of the world. She’s has never felt better than she does when she has dirt under her fingernails.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

I've got blogger's block and can't shake it so I'm asking for your help!

Greetings followers and fellow bloggers.  I know I promised a blog update a while back and have yet to post one.  Well.........I guess I've developed blogger's block.  So.........I'd like to ask all of you for help.  Most of you know that I love to garden and that is really the whole reason I started this blog.  I want to share my love of gardening with the world, help educate those starting out, and provide new ideas to fellow gardeners.  While I'm enjoying working in my gardens and haven't the opportunity to raise Monarch butterflies this spring, I seem to have lost my mojo for writing so to speak.  I can't seem to find anything to write about that truly inspires me.  That's why I've decided to look to all of you.  Let me know what interests you most about gardening.  What kinds of things you'd like to learn more about.  Tell me about your biggest gardening challenges.  I welcome any and all of your thoughts.  After all, you all are the reason I decided to start a blog anyway.  I look forward to receiving all your feedback and to getting my bloggers mojo back STAT!!!  :-)

Ladybug Manor's Resident Gardener


  1. Diana, I have seed-starter's block. I'd love to know which types of seeds are easiest to grow, which can be sown outside, and which I just really, really can't screw up. I usually buy everything in starts or gallons, so I'm new to seeds. Help!

  2. Genevieve,

    Thank you so much for your response!

    I'd be happy to tell you about some easy to grow seeds that can be sown outside. I know growing from seed can seem very overwhelming.

    Stay tuned for further details!